Monday, October 13, 2008

How can you tell a snake because not all snakes rattle?

When I was little an old man in one of the towns I grew up in told me "How can you tell a snake because not all snakes rattle?" I never quite understood the meaning until this weekend. My girlfriend of six years and future Mrs. Donny Sunshine, was flirted with by one of my best buddies while I have been away with college. Granted, it takes two to tango but she came to me whenever he came to her. This guy, I treated like a brother, I would have given him the shirt off of my back but then again my shirt was never enough. Now sitting back thinking about how it all went by, he always wanted whatever I had. When I got my first job and was the first one of us to get a PSP, he darn near broke his neck trying to win PSP at the in-school contest. When I got the DS he was right behind me, when I got an A+ he had to demoralize what I had. Our first prom his senior my junior prom, when I went to the bathroom I come back to see him dancing with her. When I come home for football games he had nothing to say to me but would gladly speak to her. But, for as long as I can remember he always eyed after her but could never get her and now I just have to trust her to keep away from him long enough until I can sit down face to face with the man and let him know that this is a happy home and he is not welcomed here. Out of all the people in my friendship "camp" I would have never suspected him. I guess as long as a snake does not rattle, you can never tell it is there.


WileyCoyote said...

But Donny, all snakes DO rattle. Some just do it at pitches we are too deaf to hear. Once you eliminate the emotionalism from relationships, and look at them as either mutually beneficial or not, then it becomes clear.

Trust no one... hard and cold, yes tis true, but the fact is that people who set themselves up to be used frequently and repetitively ARE. Assuming someone is what they say they are is always the first mistake. You will have very few friends in your life whom you can believe in and trust. That isn't warm and fuzzy but it will save you a lot of grief later.

Kimburrkay said...

Yes, WC is right. Somestimes is takes many snake bites to learn this lesson and some cause your arm to turn black and fall off.

Also watch out for the other pray of life, emotional vampires. They will suck the life right out of you and keep coming back for more. Should you think you have one of those leeching on you- cut bait and open the curtains! RUN!
True friends are far and few between. You may only have one or two in your life, but they are worth their weight ten fold!